On one hand, single women have no partner to help them clean their homes and they are bound to work full-time, so they are more likely to need a professional cleaner, just like single men. On the other hand, married women now usually work full time, too, and they have more home responsibilities and less free time than single women, so they surely need a professional cleaner. And what about single moms? They obviously have both work and childcare responsibilities with no partner to share household chores, so they must need  professional cleaners more than anyone!

So which group of women most deserves a professional cleaning service?

We checked on the research to find out.

Married moms do the most housework

Even though they have husbands, married mothers do more housework than single women with or without children, and more housework than men, too. Single and married mothers spend about the same amount of time caring for their children. So where does that extra time for the extra housework come from?

Married women have less leisure time, spend less time watching TV, and also get less sleep than single moms. Researchers at Duke University theorized that married women do some of their household tasks as a demonstration of love for their husbands.

Husbands apparently don’t realize that coming home to a freshly vacuumed house makes a woman feel loved.

Another study found that married women felt more responsible for the conditions of their homes, and more likely to be judged for keeping a house less clean and tidy.

We also think that married women spend some of their housework time cleaning up after their husbands, who can see dirt and mess but don’t experience consequences.

Researchers found that the average American man spend just 10 minutes a day cleaning — not an amount of time that can have much of an effect on his wife’s workload. Research suggests that having a man in the house raises expectations for homemaking, without adding much assistance. Married fathers actually spend less time on housework than single men.

Single moms deal with a lot of stress

Modern life is stressful, but single moms may experience more stress than married ones.

Single moms face daily struggles, often without the support of a partner. While research shows that she gets more sleep and more leisure than a married mom, she doesn’t have much time to herself. Even after the kids are in bed, the single mom can’t leave her home without hiring a sitter. She can’t relax and feel confident that someone else will respond if the kids need something.

A variety of global studies have found that single moms have a lower quality of life than married moms in general, even when financial and educational experiences are matched.

Single moms need the support provided by a professional cleaning service for the emotional boost

What about single gals?

If you’re single and have no children and you’re also a woman, you probably spend twice as much time on housework as the single guys you work with. Single men usually feel quite comfortable hiring someone to keep their homes clean, but women may hesitate. Even if you work hard and have lots of outside interests, you may feel that you should clean your own home.

In fact, with no men or kids around, a single woman can expect to have a very clean and pleasant home with professional biweekly cleaning. With very little regular housework to do, she can feel free to be ambitious at work, to spend lots of time on fitness or clubbing, or to work for causes and social movements dear to her heart.

Her social life can be enriched by her knowledge that her home is always clean. She gets the feeling of being cared for without having to deal with the disadvantages of family life. A professional cleaning service is in many ways the perfect luxury for single people, male or female.

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