You have a cleaning appointment with A Beautiful Day cleaning service, and now you’re wondering how to prepare.

We’ve heard people say, “I don’t want to hire a cleaning service — I’d have to clean my house before they came!” It’s not true. There are just a few simple steps you should take before your professional cleaning service arrives for a cleaning appointment.

Prepare your house

Tidy up by removing clutter. We’ll clean every available surface. If your surfaces are completely covered with stuff, they won’t be available for cleaning. In a hurry? Grab a cardboard box and scoop toys, mail, and other items up. Then grab a trash bag and whisk away anything that belongs in the waste basket. Make one more round with the laundry basket and clear away any dirty laundry. Once your home is sparkling clean, it will be easy to put items where they belong.

Move fragile items out of the way. Our cleaning technicians are careful, but your Tiffany lamp or heirloom china should be stowed away so we can really get in and scrub. You’ll feel more relaxed, and so will we.

Empty sinks. Wash those dishes so we’ll have a clear field to get your kitchen really clean. Ditto if you have hand laundry soaking in the bathroom sink. Giving us that preparation will give you the most for your money. Your experience will be better, too. When you come home to a clean house, you won’t have to do dishes if you get them out of the way first.

Be ready for your technician

Set thermostat at a comfortable temperature. We appreciate a comfortable working temperature. If your thermostat is set to warm or cool just before you get home, it may be harder for our technicians. Just set your thermostat to your regular comfortable temperature before your cleaning appointment if you won’t be at home. We respect our customers and our staff, so we thank you for taking care of this detail.

Secure pets as needed. We love pets! We don’t mind working around your animals, but please secure them if they are likely to interfere in the cleaning process. You know your pets best. Will they be stressed by having someone in the home? Will they be happier outside while we clean? Take the appropriate action to keep them happy.

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