Harvard Business Review reported that people who hire a cleaner are happier than people who spend the same amount of money on material goods. But is it the cleaning that makes them happier, or the feeling of being cared for and pampered? Or maybe it’s just the extra free time — in which case they could get the same results from just leaving their homes dirty.

Happiness is a clean house

A survey of thousands of people found that people express greater happiness in a clean house, regardless of how the house became clean:

  •  72 percent said they sleep better in a clean house
  • 80 percent feel more relaxed when they’re in a clean house.
  • 60 percent feel less stress in a clean house.

A different study used biometric data rather than self reporting to measure how people felt when they entered a clean room. Researchers found that just walking into a clean room causes people to relax and feel happier.

How can you get a clean house?

You can clean your home yourself, of course. In fact, a study commissioned by Clorox found that people who had cleaning chores as kids were more empathic as adults, and more likely to help others.

Apart from that study, though, research on how cleaning makes people feel shows a surprising result. The household chores that give people a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment are organizing and tidying chores, not cleaning.

Organizing your space seems to give people a sense of control, and people who do these tasks may also feel less tress because mess and clutter create stress and lack of focus.

People in messy spaces are more likely to choose healthy snacks, in fact, perhaps because they have a greater sense of being on top of things and feel less stressed.

Then call upon a professional cleaning service like A Beautiful Day. With less clutter, your cleaners will be better able to clean your space, and you will get the psychological benefits of a clean home along with the free time and the sense of being cared for that a professional cleaner provides.