You’ve thought about the benefits — the health advantages, both physical and mental, of a clean home, the time savings, the cost/benefit analysis — and you’ve decided to hire a professional cleaner. So just how do you hire a professional cleaner?

Find a professional

I you want to hire someone who will help you clean under your supervision, you could put a note up on the laundromat bulletin board or ask around in your neighborhood and find a teenager or perhaps a retired person who will come in and give you a hand. That’s what your mother or grandmother might have done.

You don’t get all the benefits that way, though. At A Beautiful Day, we have a crew of trained, certified, bonded cleaning technicians who do their job expertly while you do other things. Whether those other things are work, community involvement, creative projects, time with family or friends, or even rest and relaxation, you can pay attention to your highest priorities, confident that we will do our job.

Choose a service, make sure their people are trained and bonded (only about 10% of cleaners are actually certified), and make sure you’re in their service area and they can work with your budget.

Make an appointment

You can usually book an appointment online, using your phone or your computer, or call. At A Beautiful Day, you can book online, send us a text, call with questions and details, or reach us via email.

Often you will choose from a menu of plans. A Beautiful Day will also give custom quotes for specific jobs. A service will usually need to know how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have, whether you want any special services (like making beds or cleaning ovens), and any special requests. For example, you might want to ask about their policies towards pets, request that your home office be the first room cleaned to minimize disruptions in your workday, or alert the team to allergies that might affect their choice of cleaning supplies.

At this point, you should be able to get a firm price. This is also a good time to establish whether you will be at home and make arrangements for access to your home if you will be away. A Beautiful Day will send texts or emails to make sure you know when to expect us.

The cleaning technicians come and clean

This should not require any actions on your part, beyond making sure that the team has access to your home and that your wishes are clear.

Follow up

You will receive an invoice via email from A Beautiful Day and most other professional cleaners. It will contain a link you can click, and you can pay online.

We will also ask you for feedback to make sure that you are happy with your service. This is also a good time to schedule ongoing maintenance cleaning. With future visits scheduled out, you can cross this big job off your list and get it off your mind.

Now enjoy your fresh, clean home and have a beautiful day.

That’s all there is to it.