Statista tells us that the average American man spends 75 minutes a day on routine housework, while the average American woman spends 124 minutes — just over two hours. That’s about the same as people in the UK and the Netherlands.

The American Cleaning Institute got a different answer in their survey: 6 hours per week. A survey by Arm & Hammer brought it in at just about 24 hours per month. A Karcher international survey got an even smaller total, just 3 hours a week.

Why don’t the numbers match?

One thing we can say for sure is that the numbers in the surveys on housework are inconsistent. Why?

One factor is the different way the studies were conducted. Some studies just asked people how many hours they spent each week doing housework. One had people keep diaries of how they spent their time. Some separated men and women’s answers while others averaged everyone in together. Not all surveys included shopping or laundry as housework, while some did include this kind of task, which we wouldn’t think of as cleaning. Some included teenagers while others only asked adults.

For those that asked people how much time they spent cleaning, we have to wonder about accuracy. Did the respondents really know how long they spent cleaning? If time flies when you’re having fun, some people might overestimate the amount of time they spent cleaning. Others might be inefficient. After all, if you’re cleaning the bathroom and you stop to try out all the lipsticks , you might end up with a number that doesn’t really reflect the time spent cleaning.

And what about multitasking? If you clean up as you cook, are you underestimating the time you spent on housework if you only count the time you spent cleaning up after the meal?

How much time do you spend on cleaning?

Whatever the averages may be, the more important question is how much time YOU spend on housework, and whether you’re happy with that number.

The American Cleaning Institute found that more than one third of the people they asked worried that they weren’t cleaning enough, and nearly that many were concerned that they were doing it wrong.

They also discovered that more than half dreaded cleaning their bathrooms and 23% dreaded cleaning the kitchen.

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