Remote workers have some housekeeping challenges. For some, housekeeping gets in the way of work. You’ve got a Zoom meeting coming up, so you spend time when you should be working cleaning up your space instead.

Or you’re trying to concentrate on the work you’re paid to do, but the undone laundry and the dirty dishes are calling to you. You end up doing housework just so you can concentrate on your job. This can be a particular concern for women. In fact, a Yale study found that female telecommuters spent nearly an hour more each day on housekeeping chores.

The opposite can also happen. You spend so much time working that you don’t take time to vacuum. Your home becomes your workplace, but with no janitor on duty, nobody is keeping it clean.

Your home used to stay tidy while everyone was at work or school, but now there are dishes in the sink and belongings scattered around. Coming home from work is now just a matter of pushing the workday clutter to the side of the coffee table and starting in on the evening clutter.

Do any of these things sound familiar?

Be realistic

Maybe you need professional help.

If you didn’t clean your own office when you worked outside your home, you may not have the time or skill to clean your home office, either.

If you work with A Beautiful Day cleaning service, you can arrange for us to clean your office first while you take a well-deserved coffee break. Then we’ll clean the rest of your house while you get back to work.

Cleaning a home office involves dusting and cleaning surfaces. We can do our best work when your surfaces are as bare as they can be. In a home office, it’s easy to end up with electronic items, coffee cups, water bottles, books and papers, pens, glasses, notebooks, dishes, and even toys on your desk, file cabinet, credenza, and office chairs.

Do yourself a favor by setting a regular time to clear off those surfaces. If we come on a regular weekly schedule, the day before we come can be the best day to clear things up. Note it on your calendar and make it a priority. This can be an important self-care opportunity.

Once we’ve done the cleaning, your office will be welcoming and orderly. That encourages your creativity and reduces stress. Office cleaning day can be the most beautiful day of the week — and set the tone for the rest of your workweek.