If you’re not happy with the cleanliness level of your house, you have probably made a plan to get your house cleaned up soon…maybe many times. “I’m going to spend Saturday cleaning my house,” you tell yourself, or “This time, I’m really going to get my house clean!” But all too often the toughest question is where to start.

There are two popular positions on the question of where to start when you need to clean your house. We’ll examine them both.

Start with storage

One school of thought on where to start cleaning is to begin with storage areas. Get your cabinets tidy, whip your pantry into shape, and clear out those closets! That way, when you pick things up around your main living areas, you have someplace to put them.

You can choose one area each week and get your whole house in order over the course of a few months, or make yourself a checklist (or download one and print it out) and just keep going till you get everything tidied.

As you organize and clean those storage spaces, you can put things away. It’s natural, as you organize your linen cupboard, to notice that stack of towels sitting on the dining room table and add them to the towels you’re putting away in the linen closet.

This method can give you manageable tasks to do as you go along and set you up for a less cluttered future.

Start with main living areas

The other approach is to ignore things that can’t be seen and focus on what’s visible first. Get everything off the large flat surfaces in your living room and dining room, and you will immediately feel better about your house. In the kitchen, clear all the stuff from your counters and clean the floor. Cooking will be easier right away. In the bedroom, make the bed and pick up the floor. Clear the nightstands and dust the tops of the dressers. You’ll sleep better.

All the clutter might end up in boxes or stuffed into cupboards, but having a respectable looking space to live in will reduce stress and prepare you for the work of organizing.

This approach also clears your surfaces for a professional cleaning service. If they can’t reach your desk or floor because there are so many stacks of books and papers everywhere, they can’t do their job as well as they’d like.

Both these approaches will work. The main thing is to start somewhere!

If clutter is not a problem

If you don’t have a problem with clutter  or disorder, but you know that your home needs a thorough cleaning, a very good place to start is with a deep cleaning. A Beautiful Day cleaning service offers Top to Bottom Deluxe Cleaning service. This deep clean will get your home to a great baseline condition. Then you can keep it up yourself, or with our regular maintenance cleaning service.