A Gift of Cleaning

How does a woman feel when she gets a feather duster as a gift from her husband? At first, Kris was shocked. The duster was a nice one — ostrich feathers with a bright red handle — but still, cleaning tools don’t make a romantic gift.

Cleaning Services for Seniors

Everyone benefits from a clean house, but house cleaning can be especially important for seniors. As people age, they may have less stamina and mobility and less energy to do cleaning chores around the house. Limited vision can be an issue, too. Yet a clean home can become even more essential for your elderly relatives.

House Cleaning: Where to Start

If you’re not happy with the cleanliness level of your house, you have probably made a plan to get your house cleaned up soon…maybe many times. “I’m going to spend Saturday cleaning my house,” you tell yourself, or “This time, I’m really going to get my house clean!” But all too often the toughest question is where to start.

Get Ready to Bring Your New Baby Home

When you’re expecting, you see lots of lists: lists of what to eat, what to pack in your hospital bag, baby names, things to buy — the list of lists could go on and on. But what do you really need to do to get ready to bring your new baby home?

Here are the five real essentials!