At A Beautiful Day cleaning, we are focused on keeping things simple, clean, and green. We thoroughly test cleaners before we put them to use in our clients’ homes. We focus on three factors:

  • fumes
  • speed
  • effectiveness


Have you heard of volatile organic compounds? These are chemicals released into the air from many household cleaners and industrial chemicals. These compounds vaporize at room temperature and have been found to cause allergic reactions, headaches, and respiratory problems.

VOCs and other ingredients found in many household cleaners can expose people who use them to harmful levels of various chemicals while they work. We respect our cleaning technicians and value their safety, so that is one factor we consider.

But long-term exposure to low levels of these substances can cause health problems for people who live in homes where they are used, too. Over a period of years, you and your family can be affected by these chemicals. Research has shown that indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor air quality — sometimes by a factor of 10.

This is why we make certain that the products we use do not produce harmful fumes.


When we work fast, we give you more for your money. Using products that work quickly helps us provide the highest possible value.

It’s that simple.


Green cleaners are important to us, but it’s essential that they work well and really get your home clean.

When we run into years of hardened minerals or soap scum, we have to bust out something more aggressive. We’ll spot treat with stronger chemicals when it’s necessary, but we make sure to use the least harsh option that will get the job done.

Some of us have learned to associate strong chemical smells — the smell of chlorine bleach, for example — with cleanliness. Without that harsh scent, we don’t feel that our space is clean.

We take a different approach. We use Sal Suds, a plant-based surfactant that cleans thoroughly and rinses away beautifully. We add lavender essential oil for a light, relaxing scent that helps you have a beautiful day in your home. We think you’ll find that this scent will soon replace the harsh smell of corrosive chemicals as your personal definition of clean!


Sal Suds is a great all-purpose cleaner, gentle to skin and healthy for the environment. It is not a disinfectant, though. It’s important to clean first before sanitizing, and that’s what Sal Suds does.

We also like Envirox H2Orange2 as a degreaser, sanitizer, disinfectant, deodorizer, and virucide. Using a combination of cold-pressed orange oil and hydrogen  peroxide, Envirox kills 99.99% of  salmonella, E coli, and many more dangerous organisms.

If you’re going to do your own cleaning, you should try these cleaners. Better yet, let us do the cleaning for you.