At A Beautiful Day cleaning service, we’re proud to tell you that our cleaning technicians are bonded. But what does that mean?

Bonded workers

When a worker is bonded, that means that the employer has taken out a fidelity bond — an insurance policy that covers any losses or damages to the customers. To get a fidelity bond, a worker has to have a clean record. The employer puts up collateral. Bonded workers protect customers against theft or damage.

Bonding involves background checks and other kinds of assurances for the bonding company, as well as an investment by the employer.

Insured workers

Our workers are also insured. That means that the company has insurance to protect the workers in case of an accident or injury. Being bonded is a lot like being insured, but the insurance protects the workers.

A Beautiful Day cleaning technicians are both insured and bonded. This allows you to have our technicians in your home with confidence. It lays down a foundation of trust between you and your cleaning technician before you even meet.

It’s all about comfort

We have thorough background checks for our cleaning technicians, we train them, and we provide a positive working environment. This builds trust between the company and the technicians, and we know that you will trust them, too. We expect that you will have a positive working relationship with your technicians.

Bonding and insurance add that layer of confidence that allows you to have people working on your home whether you will be at home or not. We recommend that you check with any service that sends workers to your home to be sure that their team is bonded.

Some industries require bonding. We choose to take that extra step because we want our team and our customers to feel confident and comfortable