How does a woman feel when she gets a feather duster as a gift from her husband? At first, Kris was shocked. The duster was a nice one — ostrich feathers with a bright red handle — but still, cleaning tools don’t make a romantic gift.

But after he let her have a moment of surprise followed by some not completely sincere sounding thanks for the high quality household implement, Kris’s husband told her the rest of the story.

A gift of cleaning

Kris is a mom and a housewife — but she’s also an artist. She loves to paint and has even won some competitions and awards for her work. But finding time to work on her creative outlets can be tough. She has kids to look after, volunteer responsibilities, and what can seem like never-ending housework to keep her family healthy and comfortable. With meals to cook, basic self-care, and a garden to tend, there’s just not enough time in the day.

Something’s got to give. Unfortunately, it often ended up being Kris’s art work.

So her husband gave her a very special gift: a voucher for a cleaning service. Instead of dusting with that very special duster, she keeps it as a token of his willingness to pay for a cleaning service. They take on the regular cleaning chores that are essential to a comfortable life, and Kris has time to devote to the art that she loves.

A Beautiful Day

A Beautiful Day cleaning service frees up your time — or your loved one’s time — for the things that are most important.

That might be art, sports, day trips, fitness, time in nature, study, volunteer work, time with your friends or family, or even just reflective time for yourself.

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