A Get Ready Drawer is a secret weapon to improve mornings. If you’re a lark, it can help you seize the day faster with a minimum of fuss. If “Don’t talk to me before my coffee” is your motto, it lets you stumble through your morning routine before you’re fully awake and get to that coffee sooner.

So what’s a Get Ready Drawer?

A Get Ready Drawer is one drawer, probably in your bathroom, where you stow everything you absolutely need to start your day.

Begin by thinking about your daily routine. You brush your teeth, wash your face or take a shower, shave or put on make up, do something with your hair. Maybe deodorant or body lotion is key for you, or you start the day with a vitamin. Whatever is absolutely nonnegotiably essential for your first-thing morning routine, that’s what belongs in your Get Ready Drawer.

Step by step

If you don’t really have a morning routine, this is a good time to think about developing one. Maybe you can count on brushing your teeth, but you’d like to add regular sunscreen as a habit. Put it in the drawer with your toothbrush and you’ll slather it on naturally.

You might need to observe yourself for a few days to figure out what really belongs in that drawer. Try putting a cardboard box on your bathroom counter and adding to it each day: the things you use first thing in the morning and the things you realize that you want to use each morning.

Next, identify the best drawer. You may have a choice when it comes to size and shape, in which case you can let the contents of that cardboard box be your guide. If there’s only one drawer available, you can work with it.

Empty that drawer and clean it out so you’ll have a fresh start.

Sort the items in that cardboard box into groups. The type or size of the items might be a good organizing principle, or you might prefer to put items that are used together in one place. Make piles and measure or estimate sizes.

Now you can choose dividers or containers. Whether you buy special tools for the purpose or use containers plucked from your recycling bin, dividers let you go to the items you want as soon as you want it. Organize the items in an appealing way and enjoy the sight of your beautiful drawer!

An organized space

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