Your cleaning service takes care of weekly or biweekly routine cleaning, but you need a daily routine to keep your house picture perfect. Your clean routine may vary depending on your house and your needs, but there are a few things every clean routine should include.

  • Clear flat surfaces. Your cleaner will clean off any accessible surfaces — so make those flat surfaces accessible!
  • Load the dishwasher. Dirty dishes in the sink can be downright depressing. Get them into the dishwasher and your kitchen will instantly look better.
  • Keep up with laundry. Use a hamper to gather up dirty clothes. Get the whole family involved, maybe by spending a few minutes tracking down and corralling dirty clothes right before bedtime.
  • Develop habits. When you do something at the same time each day, your brain will help you out. The amygdala will automatically choose to perform that habit. Make your bed when you first get up and soon you’ll find that you do it without having to think about it.
  • Associate housekeeping habits with your current routine. You already brush your teeth morning and night. Adding a quick cleaning of your mirror takes just a few seconds.
  • Or replace some habits. Do you get home from work and automatically head to the fridge to find a snack? Instead, take a few minutes to sweep the floor. Leave scrubbing to your weekly cleaner.
  • Reward yourself (and your family) in small ways. Put on upbeat music to inspire your last-thing-at-night pickup of the stuff that gets spread around during the day. Clear the table before dessert.

You’ll probably find that you can add everything on that list to your day without taking up more than 20 to 30 minutes. It’ll reduce stress and give you a sense of satisfaction.