At A Beautiful Day Cleaning, we love pets. We enjoy seeing your pets when we come to clean your home, and you can usually let them roam around while we’re at work.

If you’re at home when your cleaning technicians arrive, you can keep an eye on your animals and make sure they’re comfortable. If you won’t be home, you may want to leave a phone number we can call if there’s an emergency, whether that’s your workplace or your vet.

Let us know if your animals are allowed to go outside or if they have a bed or a room that we should leave alone while we’re cleaning. Your cleaning service is not responsible for your cat or dog, but we’re happy to follow instructions, and most cleaners will feel the same way.

You know your pets best

How well socialized are your animals? Do they get stressed when strangers are around? Will they feel a need to defend their turf?

If you’re worried about how your pets will handle having a stranger in the home, you might want to be home during our first visit to help your dog or cat get to know us and feel at ease.

Some animals will be happier in their kennel or in a safe outdoor space. We’ll respect your decision on this point.

Extra cleaning

Pet owners usually need to vacuum more frequently than people who don’t have pets at home. It can take longer to clean a house with a lot of pet hair on the surfaces. Cleaning up pet stains or deodorizing surfaces can also take more time. We’ll let you know if there are any situations like this in your home.

For your own cleaning routine, you may want to add these items if you have pets:

  • Run pet bowls through the dishwasher. You may do this daily or weekly, but don’t leave it for spring cleaning. For your pets’ health and happiness, they need clean food and water bowls.
  • Clean litter boxes regularly. Whether you have litter boxes for cats or rabbits, hamsters or even small dogs, your house will benefit from regular emptying and washing of the little box.
  • When you bathe your dog, scrub the collar and toys, too. Machine washable dog beds and dog toys can be added into your regular laundry routine.

You and your pets will be happier in a clean home and you can have a clean home when you have pets. No cleaning service yet? Get a bid from A Beautiful Day!