There are very good reasons to choose a professional cleaning service, with trained, insured, bonded cleaning technicians, rather than a casual helper. But should you pick a local service or a national franchise?

We have seven good reasons to go with a local company.

1. Responsiveness

Would you rather get a call center or a robocall bot when you call with questions, or would you rather talk directly with a member of the team? When you call A Beautiful Day, chances are good that you will be able to speak directly with the owner, Stacey Conkle.

If you have experienced call center customer service and robocalls, you probably have a preference for speaking directly with an expert.

2. Flexibility

Franchise systems work by using a standardized system. This can be great for franchisees, and it’s one reason that this business model is so popular. You don’t have to be an expert to work in a particular field.

But franchisees usually can’t accommodate special needs. They aim for the average customer. You might not be the average customer. Working with a local outfit can give you greater flexibility.

A Beautiful Day will be happy to work up a custom quote for your specific needs.

3. Higher standards

“Standardized” doesn’t automatically mean “high standards.” At A Beautiful Day, we have certified cleaning technicians. Our team members are trained and certified by the major global professional organization in the cleaning industry. Only about 10% of cleaners are certified.

Franchises tend to have higher turnover and may not make that kind of investment in their workers.

4. Good working conditions

We hear that one of the things that makes people hesitate to hire cleaners is the worry that they may not be well paid or well treated. With a local company like A Beautiful Day, you don’t have to have this fear.

Our team members are professionals, and we treat them that way. They are also our employees, not subcontractors in the gig economy. We pay a fair wage and respect our people. Since we live here and are invested in the community, you get peace of mind about your choice.

5. Investment in the community

Investment in the community goes both ways. We support local nonprofits as well as national organizations. We participate in the community as business owners, parents, and citizens.

Your financial investment in your home stays in your local economy, rather than going to a central corporate office somewhere in another state.

6. Local reputation

We care about our local reputation. We know that word of mouth — you sharing your great experience with your neighbors — is one of the best ways for us to meet new people we can serve.

That means we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience.

7. Relationships

Instead of having an unpredictable variety of people coming in and out of your home, you have the opportunity to develop long-term, ongoing relationships with people from your community. We can pay attention to and remember your preferences and needs.

We provide consistent quality with the highest quality materials, without pressure from a central office to follow systems that may not be the best for every situation.