At A Beautiful Day cleaning service, we value environmental responsibility. So here are 5 ways to make sure that your home cleaning routine is environmentally responsible, too.

1. Be thoughtful about the cleaning solutions you choose

A Beautiful Day uses non-toxic cleaning supplies. Sometimes a more serious mess may require more serious chemicals, but we choose the lowest level of harshness that will do the job. We’ll go into more specifics in later posts, but have a look at the cleaning supplies you use every day. Chlorine is an example of a product that is tough on the environment when it is produced. If you don’t own any chlorine bleach, we don’t recommend that you buy any.

2. Think twice about plastic containers

Buy your cleaning solutions in glass bottles. Better yet, choose reusable glass bottles that you can refill with bulk products or products sold in recyclable cardboard containers. Plastic requires a lot of petroleum to produce and takes a long time to break down in the landfill. Most of it cannot be recycled. It should be your last choice when you buy cleaning supplies.

3. Avoid disposables

Disposables can be very convenient. In fact, we know that for some homeowners, having disposable wipes means the counters will get cleaned every day and having to mix up a solution and find a sponge means that it won’t get done. But think before you grab that paper towel: could you choose a reusable tool for the job you’re about to do? Think about brushes and dish towels and use them when you can.

4. Minimize waste

You may need to try more than one product before you find cleaning solutions and tools that really work well for you. Once you do, think twice about trying out more items. If you’re tempted by a cute commercial or a fun Instagram post, you may end up with half-used packages of cleaning supplies. The resources involved in making them have already been used. If they sit under your sink or end up in your trashcan, those resources were wasted. The same can be said when you use more of a product than you need. Read the label to avoid waste.

5. Choose an environmentally friendly cleaning service

When you follow these steps for your daily cleaning routine, you should also ask your cleaners whether they use non-toxic cleaning solutions and recycle.

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