We think that nearly everyone can benefit from turning over their basic house cleaning to a professional cleaning service. However, we can imagine some good reasons for not choosing a team of professional cleaning technicians for your housekeeping. Here’s our list of five good reasons not to hire a professional cleaner:

You love to clean

If cleaning is a pleasure for you and a creative outlet, then you should clean your own home. We know that it can be very satisfying to clean house. Scrubbing, polishing, banishing mold and soap scum, dirt and grime from your space — it feels good!

However, it might be that there are other aspects of housekeeping that are actually the fun part for you. Maybe you enjoy organizing or decorating more than the scrubbing. If you set out to clean a room and end up decluttering or arranging the flowers instead, that’s a clue that the cleaning isn’t really the part you enjoy.

It’s your cardio

House cleaning can be hard work. But does it actually give you a workout? One university study found that people who described their housework as part of their exercise were on average heavier than other people.

One reason is that house cleaning doesn’t require sustained effort that gets your heart rate up. Another is that most of us don’t actually do that much of it. Washing windows and scrubbing floors can burn calories and give you a workout, but most of the time we spend cleaning our homes is less vigorous. Wiping counters, loading the dishwasher, or folding laundry take less energy, and that’s the majority of our housework time.

If you feel that your housework is enough exercise, you may skip the gym or avoid walking up those stairs and end up doing less than someone who doesn’t define housework as cardio.

You can’t fit it in your budget

This is a good reason — but you might be surprised. You can have A Beautiful Day clean your home on a biweekly basis for the price of a couple of dinners out or a daily second stop at Starbucks.

Chances are good that you can fit a professional cleaner into your household budget. Let us give you an estimate.

Professional cleaners won’t meet your standards

Surveys on hiring cleaners show that this is one of the most common reasons not to hire a cleaner. We have to disagree with this one, though. People who say they can’t hire a cleaner because they know the cleaning won’t be done the way they want it done are expressing a fear, not a good reason based on experience. When their experiences are part of the reason, it’s probably because they have hired casual workers in the past and had the extra work involved in training them or the disappointment in paying for untrained workers.

The key is to hire an actual professional cleaner. At A Beautiful Day, we are members of ISSA, the global professional cleaning organization. All of our cleaning technicians are fully trained and we pay a livable wage.

You have nothing else to do

If you don’t work, have no family members, don’t enjoy any hobbies, have no volunteer work, and never spend time on entertainment, you may need housework to fill your time. Check out our list of 5 things to do instead of cleaning before you decide that this is your fate.