Giving a push present is becoming more popular every year. What is a push present? It’s a special gift from a new mom’s partner or other family members either just before or right after she has her baby. Push presents are usually given to mothers, but sometimes they are given to dads as well. We have a list of the 5 best push presents!

  • The most popular push present is a statement piece of jewelry. This is a fairly new tradition, but we think we can still say that a gift of a necklace from daddy to mama is the most traditional push present. Something symbolic, like the baby’s birthstone, is a classic way to express the joy of having a new family member.
  • The most practical push present is a thorough house cleaning with nontoxic Mama- and Baby-safe cleaners. A fresh, clean house without the risks of housework lets the new mom relax and spend her time taking care of her baby.
  • A sentimental present is a baby book. Instagram is all very well, but a physical book will definitely still be around as the baby grows up. It’s a pleasure for the parents to add to and look through over the years, and a charming gift to give to the baby when they are all grown up.
  • A family photo shoot may be the last thing new parents will think of, but those newborn pictures will be very precious over time. Let A Beautiful Day clean up before the photographer arrives to reduce stress!
  • A stylish diaper bag may sound like a contradiction in terms, but it really isn’t. When the new mama wants to get out and about, she’ll feel so much better with a beautiful bag that also holds diapers, snacks, cosmetics, and all the gear she has to tote around. Lots of new moms have some angst over losing their pulled-together working woman look, but the right mommy bag can give it back to her.

Get together with other family members to pamper your favorite new mom with a special Push Present!